Sydney Pelagic Stats for October


Providence Petrel100%
Short-tailed Shearwater100%
Wedge-tailed Shearwater100%
Greater Crested Tern100%
Silver Gull100%
Black-browed Albatross90%
Wilsons Storm Petrel90%
Australasian Gannet90%
Fluttering Shearwater85%


Shy Albatross75%
Wandering Albatross75%
Huttons Shearwater75%
Grey-faced Petrel65%
Flesh-footed Shearwater65%
Sooty Shearwater65%
Cape Petrel55%


Fluttering type shearwater45%
Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross40%
Pomarine Skua40%
White-faced Storm Petrel35%
Parasitic Jaeger35%
Great-winged Petrel25%
Brown Skua25%

Small chance

Fairy Prion20%
Bullers Albatross20%
Campbell Albatross20%
Common Tern20%
Little Penguin15%
Antipodean Albatross15%
Cooks Petrel15%
Black Petrel15%
Southern Giant Petrel15%
Northern Giant Petrel15%
Goulds Petrel10%
Long-tailed Jaeger10%
White-fronted Tern10%
White-chinned Petrel10%
White-headed Petrel10%
Little Shearwater10%
Black-bellied Storm Petrel10%
Sooty Tern5%
Bullers Shearwater5%
Westland Petrel5%
Grey-backed Storm Petrel5%
Soft-plumaged Petrel5%
White-capped Albatross5%
Salvins Albatross5%
White-winged Black Tern5%


Mottled Petrel2.5%
Southern Royal Albatross2.5%

Not all records on this page have been authenticated
therefore they should not be used in publication without further research.
Data is modeled using historical sightings aboard Sydney pelagic
trips dating from 1997 to the most recent trip.